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1. Marimer Baby Isotonique Hygiene Nasal Spray - 375.00 ฿
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Marimer Baby Isotonique Hygiene Nasal Spray

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Marimer Baby มาริเมอร์ สเปรย์น้ำทะเลพ่นจมูก Marimer Baby Isotonic Hygiene Nasal Spray
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Marimer Baby Isotonic Hygiene Nasal Spray

A healthy nose helps protect the nasal mucosa against external aggressions (cold, allergens, dry atmosphere, pollution, ...) helps prevent the risk of ear infections and helps the face to ensure his respiratory function . Until the age of six months breathing in infants is exclusively nasal. It is therefore important to ensure the daily cleaning of the nasal cavity in infants and young children.

Marimer BABY Nasal Hygiene is a saline water and sterile microdiffusée sea.

Naturally rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements, Marimer BABY nasal hygiene is recommended in infants and young children for daily washing of the nasal cavity and moistening of the nasal mucosa.

The microdiffusion method Marimer BABY Nasal Hygiene facilitates the smooth evacuation of nasal secretions. Its wide safety tip allows safe use in infants from birth.

Marimer BABY Nasal hygiene can be administered safely in all positions.

The nasal spray Marimer BABY nasal hygiene is recommended in infants and children:     For daily nasal hygiene to prevent ear infections,
                  For wetting the dried nasal mucosa

Recommendations for use :
It is recommended for an infant to extend it for a child to sit or to stand upright.
     - Turn his head to the side.
     - Gently insert the nozzle into the upper nostril and nasal spray Marimer BABY Hygiene.
     - Repeat with the other nostril.
     - Lift your head to drain the mucus.
     - In infants: wipe off the excess. Use a baby fly in strong flow to suck gently mucus.
     - In young children: ask them to blow your nose gently.

DOSAGE: 1 spray per nostril, preferably before meals, 1-4 times a day as needed.  Marimer BABY Nasal Hygiene can be used daily over an extended period

  • Isotonic seawater solution (0.9%)
  • Tip adapted to infants’ noses for safe use
  • Micro-diffusion to evacuate the secretions from babies’ noses
  • Seawater naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements.

COMPOSITION: 100% sterile, diluted, isotonic seawater.

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